Ponoka, AB

At work, you use your arm frequently to type and pack boxes. Lately, you have pain in your elbow. You thought the pain would go away, but it continues to get worse. You went to the doctor, and the doctor looked at your elbow. The doctor ran tests and x-rays, and then they said you have tennis elbow. They advise you to take medication, and they said it will be a while for the condition becomes better. After taking the medication, you are still in pain. You continue to go to the doctor, and they tell you the only option you have is surgery. Once you hear the word surgery, you feel worried. If you need tennis elbow relief, then schedule an appointment at Red Deer Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Clinic in Ponoka, Alberta (Canada).

Tennis elbow is a very painful condition, and it can be difficult to manage. Many people are told surgery is their only option, and they fear having unnecessary surgery. They worry about the impact surgery will have, and they worry about taking medications for their pain. At Red Deer Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Clinic, we know you are struggling with pain. We want to help you get tennis elbow relief, and the services we provide will help you get relief from the pain.

At our location in Ponoka, Alberta (Canada), we have helped many people with tennis elbow. After receiving their diagnosis, they come to us knowing we provide all natural treatments. Our treatments for pain help them feel their best, and they do not have to worry about surgery or harmful medications. If tennis elbow is having a negative impact on your job performance, call us to schedule an appointment at a convenient time. We will help you feel your best again, so you can improve your performance at work.